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 2016 - Our Year of 'New Things'
In kingdom Gospel Church, we see ourselves becoming a people who put the King and His kingdom first! Therefore, we are raising a people who are a true testimony to the King and His kingdom.


Everything we do is kingdom-driven and kingdom-centred. We believe that we are in the church to represent the King and His kingdom in the earth

Our mission is to advance the kingdom of God by liberating communities and territories of men to serve the true and living God therefore turning them away from darkness to light.

To fulfil our mission, we believe that it is necessary to connect with people and lead them into an authentic and growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating environments where people are equipped and encouraged to grow, develop and mature in their faith


Servanthood is at the heart of our mission and all that we do. We are here to serve you and by serving you we shall be fulfilling our God-given mission!

In line with our faith in Almighty God, we hold very dearly certain convictions. These convictions are our beliefs and make up our statement of faith. Listed below are our major convictions from which other minor convictions are derived. Click here for more »





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